The Golden Age Flash!

When I was a kid I in 1973 (10 years old), I was introduced to DC Comics. Now, I had been reading comics before, but they were basically Archie Comics. My mom, a teacher, felt these were not offensive and I wouldn’t be influenced by them. However, I quickly grew tired of them and decided that I was old enough to buy my own comics. So I took my 1.00 a week allowance and the 3-4 long blocks to the nearest candy store. I could buy 5 comics because at that time comic books were only 20 cents each! Seems hard to imagine today when comics are 2.99 and up!

I bought all the Superhero comics like Flash and Superman. Perhaps I had seen The Adventures of Superman in re-runs, as a kid, that influenced me to by DC Comics. I read Superman, Batman, Flash, but for some reason, the comics that caught my eye were those that featured reprints, like when Flash had a backup of Golden Age material or a new guest appearance with the Golden Age Flash!

golden age Flash Comics #1

I loved it when the Flash had reprints or new appearances by Jay Garrick, the Golden Age Flash. I watched with awe as DC humiliated this once venerable character by aging him and treating him like a second string character.

I was furious when they sent him to limbo in The Lst Days of the Justice Society because they didn’t know what to do with him and his stalwarts from the JSA. I was pleased when they brought him back in several mini series and a short lived current adventures of the JSA title.

I was furious again and this is when I stopped buying comics, (although I do read the paperbacks and the individual issues at the library and Borders), at the onset of Zero hour when they aged him and killed off most of the JSA.

That was forgotten about in The Flash when he helped Wally West go up against a Reverse Flash impersonating Barry Allan. He seemed to simply be middle aged again. He continued in and out with several different series in the JSA, this time as a teacher of the younger heroes.

They may change his appearance, his powers somewhat and even his origin and back story, but he is still my super-hero, still my Flash and always will be.

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